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Our Colombian shape # 9102 Thermic Latex Vest corrects posture, hides fat rolls under the arm and helps with lower back pain.
This vest will sculpt and reduce the measurements of your waist, back and torso, since it will create a thermal effect that will help reduce fat cells (adipocytes) eliminating them through sweating.
If you are looking to lose inches fast, we recommend applying a fat burning reducing cream to activate and accelerate sweating.


  • Molds and shapes your waist 
  • Can be worn under any clothing 
  • 3 adjustable line of hooks to increase compression or reduce 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Gives tons of back support 



Care instructions: Wash the garment by hand with cold water and soap for the body, help to dry with a towel, and hang in the shade. No twisting, no clothes dryer, no bleach, no fabric softeners.