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The new generation of slim body is here.
Osmotic iodine plastic is ideal for weight loss and firmness, so effective that it works on its own. It has no contraindications, it does not produce irritation. Osmotic plastic generates heat while iodine helps you drop inches. it can be used all day, it does not produce an odor, it does not sound and it is imperceptible nobody will notice that you are wearing it. If you use it with the thermal gel (fat burning) do not leave it for a period greater than one hour, you have to remove the gel and put on a new plastic to continue spending the day, it is highly hygienic.
The time to see results depends on how each organism responds to treatment, but a crucial point is discipline, its use must be constant, we have taken a conceptual measure regarding the results obtained in the first week of ½ to 1 inch from the area treated, then the average decreases per week, losing ¼ - ½ inch to complete the month and a half. You can lose up to 5 inches in total. The ideal product for this approximate month and a half treatment. The roll measure is 75 ’. The patient can continue with the treatment for as long as he wishes. Regardless of whether you want to diet or are not an active person from the point of view of exercises, its daily use for 6 days in a row is essential. A single day you stop putting it on delays results. It can be used at night without any problem, what's more, we recommend starting the treatment at night, which is when the patient has the least movement and this makes it easier to get used to the product and eliminates the feeling of discomfort.
In the event that the osmotic plastic is rolled up, we recommend making two small incisions on the sides of the hip or bust so that the plastic yields what it has to yield and does not roll, a very good recommendation we make is not to use it during the day and at night, it is necessary to choose a single day. In very hot climates it is advisable to change the product at least once a day because when sweat accumulates and is left on the skin, it dries and can cause irritation, so it is advisable to change it in hot weather.


DYI plastic wrap. Use it on upper arms, stomach, thighs, hips, even on face to keeps face mask moisture and warm and help it penetrate your skin. 
Lose inches, Reaffirming and toning, Detoxify, Reduce Cellulite, fat burner ...     

better results if use thermogenic anti cellulite gel.



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